Stage Sets - Ray Phillips 2023

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Stage Sets and Scenery
Theatre work

Stage design provides the opportunity to really push one's design ideas and problem solving skills, it has it's unique blend of space, time and budget constraints that need to be balanced with the creative vision for the production.
It's a relatively recent addition to my scope of work it is something I love doing!

'Hunt' by Fionnuala Kennedy
Scenery panels
Mobile set components
Reversible mobile set panel for a production of 'Hunt' by Fionnuala Kennedy.
The reverse of this panel was the scenery for the inside of a garden shed!
Main set build
Fixed main set

The main set design for a 2023 production of the Addams Family musical.
Designed and built by me along with the set decoration.
Stage props
1960's TV camera

This replica 60's TV camera is one made for a production of the musical Hairspray. For every stage production there are a lot of props that need to be either sourced or built from scratch. More examples of my stage props in the portfolio section.
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