Props - Ray Phillips 2023

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I have been making props professionally for more than twenty years, starting with smaller props for collectors and cos-players, my range of props has developed across other areas and have included props for conventions, special events, theatre, independent film and television.
I have fullfilled countless commissions for collectable props for clients in the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA.
The above image is from the Reeltime Pictures 2019 production 'Sil and the Devil Seeds of Arodor' for which I designed and built the major props and set signage (click on the above image to see the Sil props).

TV and Stage
Dalek Prop

Dalek prop featured in the 2005 stage production of 'The Trial of Davros'  and appeared on BBC television to publicise the re-launch of the sci-fi series Doctor who and on the BBC childrens television programme Blue Peter.
1/3rd scale TARDIS

Commissions from collectors make up a large proportion of my output. The TARDIS was completed in 2022 for a client well known for his work on the BBC TV series Doctor Who.
Other Props
Radio controlled R2-D2 prop
Between commissions I keep busy creating other props to use at events and conventions I attend where I conduct sculpting demonstrations and mask/prop displays.
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