Events - Ray Phillips 2023

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Displays and sculpture demos

A large part of my professional practice is skill sharing and in addition to set workshops or courses, appearances at special events, conventions and maker faires are another way of engaging people with my work.
I have displayed my work and conducted sculpting demos at venues across the UK including the National Space Centre Leicester, Spaceport Merseyside, Cambridge University Science Faire and numerous Sci Fi events and conventions.
These activities are always well received by visitors to these events and I am always keen to hear from organisations/venues who would be interested in me attending their own events to provide this type of learning experience.

Design a monster
Spaceport, Merseyside

During our launch weekend at Spaceport we had two winning entries in our ‘DESIGN A MONSTER’
Here we have the winners collecting their creations made by sculptor Ray Phillips.
Making Monsters
Creature design and making lecture

Lectures on creature design and creation  can be delivered in a range of venues such as schools, libraries and community centres as well as sci-fi events, comic-cons and similar events.
Sculpting demos
How it's done

Sculpting demonstrations are extremely popular at cos-play and sci fi events and there is always a huge amount of interest in my work.
I'm always keen to answer questions and explain how my work and the masks and make-ups for film and TV are created.
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