Collectables - Ray Phillips 2023

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and other sculpure

Many of the masks and props I create are sought after by collectors, particularly fans of Doctor Who and the Star Wars universe.
In addition to these I often create 'one off' sculptures from my own, often whimsical, creative ideas which have also been enjoyed by patrons and collectors. These can be viewed on the portfolio page.

Star Wars
Mandalorian rifle

Popular with collectors and cosplayers, weapons seen in the Star Wars franchise are always in demand. This is a replica Mandalorin rifle built by me in 2022.
Other Star wars Props I make include the Storm trooper helmet from 'Episode IV', Nute Gunray and  Emperor Palpatine masks.
Junk Art

I enjoy the difficulties and physical challenges of assembling these often unrelated objects into my creations. From sketches to final assembly they require preparation, patience and an ever expanding skill set. Screws, bolts, resin and rivets are used in the sculptures to create the illusion of the parts fitting naturally together. The viewer’s initial response is, I hope, to the charm of the constructed characters and sculptures I create.
Other sculpture
Welcome to the rat race!

Located at the edge of ancient woodland on the outskirts of the small Northumberland town of Morpington is the town’s recycling centre, or tip as it is more commonly known as to the locals.
What the local people don’t know is that once a year the rodent residents of the recycling centre, who are rather special in their own way, run their annual Rat Race. The Rat Race takes place when the centre is closed on New Year’s Day and is ‘all-comers’ 50 lap race around the recycling centre’s one-way system in vehicles created by the resourceful rats from discarded items scavenged from the skips.

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